"La couleur de tous les jours" - The colouring book

« La couleur de tous les jours » is a colouring book made for children. It allows them to discover different places and situations in everyday life with a sparkle of fantasy.

The illustrations are about 4 main subjects :
The city and it's details - The four seasons - Science fiction and fantasy - Plants and nature

The book is edited in A4 format and contains 25 colouring pages + a giant coloring page ( 50x70 cm poster )

The idea of creating this book came to me form all those magical moments that I spent drawing for those around me. I want my drawings to be source of smiles and bright looks.

The making of this book was possible thanks to the crowdfunding project that was launched on this website. Un immense merci à tous les contributeurs, sans qui ce projet n’aurait pas pu voir le jour ! ❤️

all drawings on this book where made by hand ( pencil and black marker )

I had the pleasure of leaving on each drawing tiny bits of myself and many ideas that are dear to me. Enjoy, colour and give a colourful life tho these drawings !

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